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Residential and Commercial Junk Removal in Calgary & Surrounding Areas


Watch the interview here.

Junk Removal Calgary VSC-Cameroon

Eric Neba of VSC-Cameroon, with Kristine and John of YYC Junk.


Many of our customer’s items that we pick up such as bikes, lawnmowers, and clothing get shipped to Africa where they are used to support programs promoting sustainable economic development.

Why do all the work yourself of removing your junk when you can save time, money, and effort with YYC Junk Removal?

As Calgary’s quick and affordable, yet socially responsible solution for your unwanted junk, YYC Junk is here to make your life easier!


Why YYC Junk Removal?

  • Fast, easy solution to junk removal, often with same day service or quote appointments available
  • Fees are based on the amount of space your items take up, rather than a flat fee
  • We donate, recycle, or repurpose items in good condition to families in need
  • Aim to help the environment by reducing waste in Calgary landfills through our reuse, repurpose, and recycle program
  • You do not need to be on-site for a quote, junk removal, or payment (e-transfer options), allowing you the time to go about your day

Nothing is easier than contacting YYC Junk, pointing to your junk, and watching it be driven away.

At YYC Junk, this…

Junk removal calgary rubbish

No worries! We always ask our customer’s permission to sort through their stuff.


Becomes this…

calgary junk removal trash treasure yyc junk removal

Some great items hidden within those ugly orange garbage bags.

YYC Junk Removal makes a difference in the lives of Calgarians. Founded by John Nicholby, YYC Junk continues our committment to reduce the amount of “junk” in Calgary’s landfills by sorting, recycling, reusing, and donating any junk that we pick up.

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