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March 2017

When Does Spring Actually Start in Calgary?


Just a little... something

 The question going through a lot of people’s minds these days: when will it be Spring?

As March progresses, tolerance for winter begins running dry. Although March 20th may be the official date when spring begins, but sometimes that doesn’t mean much around here. Spring is a feeling in Calgary. Calgarians need external cues: longer days, green grass, migrating birds, the rabbits turning brown again. We can all agree that Calgary is an odd place as far as seasons go. On top of that, the warm winter is making it even more confusing. It definitely doesn’t feel like spring yet, despite the 10 – 15 degree days we have been having.

In my mind, the following must occur in order for it to actually “be” spring:

1. There must be at least one day with a fairly significant rainfall.
2. A weekend with at least one day (I prefer two) with temperatures around 20C.
3.Patches of green grass must be visible. Snow on the ground disqualifies.

And last but not least:

4. A new construction project somewhere that will delay your commute. (Remember that the only two REAL seasons in Calgary: winter and construction!)

Springtime comes, an invisible switch is turned “on”, and the city becomes hectic.
We are world champions at cramming three season’s worth of outdoor activities into our short “not winter”. Once it’s on, we make haste in all the things we have been sitting around thinking about doing throughout the winter.  Whether it be buying a bike and exploring, finally getting around to rafting The Bow River, or in our case, removing junk from yards.

Think of all of the “next summer I will”s and write them down on a big piece of paper. Post it up where you can see it!  Remind yourself daily of all of the things you want to do, and plan to accomplish them ASAP.  Don’t let 2016 be another year that you can’t really remember when you look back on it.  As soon as you get the chance, definitely make the time to get away for that camping trip, music festival, or that trip to the lake. Just GO FOR IT.  Don’t catch yourself on August 30th, thinking that you missed out yet again on crossing off items from your bucket list.

Let us help you spend your free time doing something that you actually want to do.  When you are busy with your new renovation project, or cleaning out your garage or yard, call us.  Just point at what you want to go away, and we do absolutely everything else.  Let the pros do all of the sorting, recycling, donations, and dumping.  We can certainly get that stuff out of your life in a fraction of the time, with almost no effort on your part.

mes during your junk removal Calgary job.

YYC Junk Removal makes a difference in the lives of Calgarians. Founded by John Nicholby, YYC Junk continues our committment to reduce the amount of “junk” in Calgary’s landfills by sorting, recycling, reusing, and donating any junk that we pick up.

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