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January 5, 2019

The Old Plastic Bag Trick

Basically endless opportunities for outdoor recreation elevate Calgary’s home base potential in winter months, not just summer.  Skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, snowboarding, taking a vigorous morning march, even or doing junk removal outside like us- finding your winter jam takes your mind off the cold!

Damp Digits: a Total Damper

Intense activity in below freezing temperatures tends to make you feel really alive, granted you pull on the proper gear. However, donning your woollies presents its own issue which you may be familiar with: sweaty, cold feet in your boots. Whenever you pause during hard exercise, for example, while sitting on the ski lift, your feet will suddenly feel excruciatingly cold. Not surprisingly, socks soak up sweat from your feet, causing the socks to become damp. Once you stop moving, your wet socks will lose heat much faster than if they were dry. This causes your feet to become intensely chilly. Our junk removal Calgary crews regularly have had this happen to them, and they find it very uncomfortable!

Waterproofing Siberian-Style

Naturally, the market has provided a variety of expensive products designed to deal with this. However, in our opinion, none of these products beat the simplicity of the old plastic bag trick. Not to mention, another new use for old grocery bags never hurts either. Commonly used by people who live in cold regions of Siberia, this trick will keep your tootsies warm even in the coldest Canadian weather.

What you will need:

2 pairs of socks (longer works best, not too tight-fitting)
2 plastic grocery bags without holes
your favourite pair of winter footwear (hiking boots, winter boots, ski boots)

Step 1: Put on one pair of socks as usual.







Step 2: Slip a plastic bag over the socks.







Step 3:
Add a second pair of socks over top of the plastic bag.








Step 4: Put on your boots.







Step 5: Tuck the bag in to your boot/pants (or don’t, but it looks kind of goofy!)







Success! A special waterproof layer has been created between the two pairs of socks. Any moisture will be contained within this layer, and your sweaty feet will be just as warm as ever. The outside sock will stay dry, and you will have a comfortable bonus warm air cushion around your feet. You can even use the plastic bag for waterproofing more than once- which junk removal Calgary recommends, since we still see so much plastic going to the city landfill.

Toasty Like a Tweeter

Interestingly, this works similarly to how a bird’s feathers trap air inside pockets. These air pockets allow them to survive outdoors in extreme temperatures despite getting wet (for example, waterfowl) or in spite of being tiny (like chickadees as sparrows).

Try it Out!

Cost-effective, uncomplicated, and quick- make your next expedition in the open air one that you remember for the superb landscape or the enjoyable experience, not for the frigid feet!

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